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  • 500 Free Texts Per Month
  • Send & Receive Free Texts Online
  • Anonymous Texting (text to keyword not cell. Great for dating sites)
  • Group Text Messaging (Coaches, Little League, Softball..etc )
  • Refer Friends For Bonus Texts (100 Free Texts )
  • Text Message Marketing (Great for small business )
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Group Text Messaging
Do you coach your son or daughters backetball, soccer, fooball, soccer league...etc? We know its hard to keep track of all the kids and notifying the parents of the change of venues or practice schedules. Our text messaging software makes it easy! It allows you to send a text from your computer. We give you your own keyword so that the parents and kids can join your list by simply texting the keyword that you choose to 214.683.0707. They will automatically be .... read more
SMS Message Marketing
Do you own a business that has a lot of foot traffic? Do you use groupons to get new customers never to see them again? Our software allows you to give your keyword to your customer and send out a special that will bring them back. This works great for restaurants and happy hours. Just put a card with your keyword on a .... read more
We Keep Free Texting Free
For every person that you talk to on the site, if you refer them through our referral system you get 100 free texts to use if you go over the 1000 texts per month. If you are using our group texting feature you can refer your entire group, which could mean thousands of free texts!
Anonymous Texting
Your phone number is kept private on our site. Even though you can send and receive your text online, we still send the text through one of our central texting numbers. This is great if you are talking to someone online and you still want to chat only you are about to leave your computer. Just have them sign up and send a text to your username to continue your mobile texting experience. You can keep the conversation going and still be safe. Just remember to reply with # then your message you want to send. The #username allows us to .... read more
Safe and Secure
None of your information on our site is shared with anyone. Your information is safe. We record all IP Addresses. We do not condone harassment, spamming or any activity that may be deemed illegal. In the case of abuse of the site, we will cooperate with law enforcement.
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